Savor the Flavor: The Best Restaurants for Farm-to-Table Dining

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What are the best restaurants in Port Angeles and Sequim near Olympic National Park?

Craving a culinary adventure in the Pacific Northwest? Look no further than the charming towns of Port Angeles and Sequim! From fresh seafood caught right off the coast to innovative farm-to-table creations, these hidden gems offer a diverse culinary scene that will tantalize your taste buds. Dive into our curated list of some of our favorite local restaurants, based on rave reviews and local recommendations, and prepare to embark on a delicious journey:

Port Angeles:

Chestnut Cottage Restaurant: Nestled in a charming historic cottage, this restaurant offers a romantic and intimate setting for a memorable dining experience. Their focus on fresh, seasonal ingredients and classic French techniques guarantees a delicious and satisfying meal. (17 minutes from Domaine Madeleine)

Sabai Thai Restaurant: Savor the authentic flavors of Thailand at Sabai Thai. Their extensive menu features traditional curries, noodle dishes, and stir-fries, prepared with fresh herbs and spices that will transport your taste buds to Southeast Asia. (20 minutes from Domaine Madeleine)

New Day Eatery: Indulge in a unique and gourmet dining experience at New Day Eatery. Their ever-changing menu showcases locally-sourced ingredients and innovative culinary creations, ensuring a delightful surprise with every visit. (4.1 miles from Domaine Madeleine)

929 Woodfired Grill: Craving something hearty and flavorful? LD’s Woodfired Grill is your answer. Their wood-fired pizzas, juicy steaks, and fresh seafood dishes are cooked to perfection, offering a satisfying and casual dining experience. (20 minutes from Domaine Madeleine)


7 Cedars Casino – House of the Seven Brothers: Step into a world of culinary delights at the House of the Seven Brothers, located within the 7 Cedars Casino. Their menu features a diverse selection of dishes, from Pacific Northwest favorites to classic comfort food, catering to every palate. (23 minutes from Domaine Madeleine)

Napoli’s: Savor the taste of Italy at Napoli’s, offering delicious stone-fired pizzas, pastas, and salads made with fresh, high-quality ingredients. Their casual atmosphere and friendly service make it a perfect spot for a family outing or a quick bite. (23 minutes from Domaine Madeleine)

Nourish: Embark on a journey of healthy and delicious dining at Nourish. This restaurant focuses on organic, locally-sourced ingredients and features a menu of creative and flavorful dishes, catering to various dietary needs. (16 minutes from Domaine Madeleine)

Tedesco’s Pizza & Italian Specialties: Get a taste of authentic Italian fare at Tedesco’s. Their family recipes, passed down for generations, ensure delicious and comforting dishes like pastas, pizzas, and homemade desserts. (18 minutes from Domaine Madeleine)

Double Eagle Steak and Seafood: With beautiful views of the private Cedars at Dungeness Golf Course, this fine dining steak and seafood restaurant features Pacific Northwest flavors in a casual atmosphere. (11 minutes from Domaine Madeleine)

Bonus Tip: Don’t forget to factor in opening hours and reservation requirements when planning your culinary adventure!

Whether you’re seeking a romantic fine-dining experience, a casual family outing, or a quick bite between adventures, Port Angeles and Sequim have something to offer every foodie. So grab your appetite, explore the diverse culinary scene, and discover your new favorite restaurant!

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