The benefits of massage are tremendous. The benefits of getting a massage right in your room at Domaine Madeleine are priceless.


Licensed massage therapist Kami Westfall will massage away the tension while you enjoy the breathtaking view from your room. Kami comes to us from Kauai, where she practiced the Healing Arts at a five star luxury resort and spa. Now, you don’t need to go all the way to Hawaii for the perfect oceanside massage! Kami offers a full range of massages right here at Domaine Madeleine, which you can easily add to your reservation when you book your stay.

Kami will call you to confirm your appointment within a day or so of receiving your reservation confirmation. Then, you simply pamper yourself in the luxury of your room, take a hot shower to loosen your muscles and relax. Kami will create a veritable spa right in your room! If it’s a surprise, let us know so we don’t ruin the surprise when we schedule it with you.

You can choose an individual massage (perfect for a birthday surprise!) for 60 or 90 minutes. You could also choose a couple’s massage, and both enjoy the Soothing Sensation of a Kami Westfall Massage–perfect to celebrate your relationship, anniversary, or honeymoon or for a girls’ getaway weekend!


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