The perfect pulled pork

We often get asked what we eat when guests aren’t around. When we’re not at one of our favorite restaurants sampling the newest menu items or checking out the quality of the service, we’re making the best tasting dinners possible with the least amount of effort.

And this one is, by far, the best tasting dinner with the least amount of effort: Pulled Pork.

We start with the best grass-fed, grass-finished pork roast from Clark Farms.

Place the pork roast fat-side up (defrosted) in the bottom of the crock pot.

Grind mild sea salt (Red or Black Hawaiian sea salt if you can find it) all over the top of it (yes, it will seem like a lot, but trust us on this one… coat the top).

Take one banana (stop laughing) and cut a slit down on side in the skin without cutting through the banana. Place the banana with the open slit down on top of the roast. Cover it.


Cook on low for at least 8 hours… 12 if you can manage it.

Don’t stir it, touch it, or bother it in any way. You can sing to it if you’d like.

Check on it at about the 8 hour mark. The bottom of the crock pot will be filled with delicious juice and the pork should just start falling apart if you stick a fork in it… if it doesn’t immediately fall apart, leave it alone for another hour or two. When the pork just falls apart, remove the banana and break the pork apart with two forks, remove any bone. Remove the pork and eat it. Save any remaining juice and make a delicious soup out of it.

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