Poached pears, fruit compote and granola.

While Domaine Madeleine is known for our multi-course, gourmet, sit down breakfast, sometimes it just doesn’t fit our guests’ needs every day. Traditionally, we’ve packed a “To-Go” breakfast for guests wishing to spend the day in Victoria, B.C. so they can catch the early ferry. We’ve done the same for guests looking to head out early for a day of hiking. And now we’ve decided to give all guests three breakfast options.


  1. Our Fabulous, Multi-Course Gourmet Breakfast

The original so many guests have come to know and love. Still the most popular and just as delicious as always. Served promptly at 9:00am, guests can socialize and enjoy our fruit, juice, bread or pastry, amazing entrees featuring fabulous ingredients like Dungeness crab and smoked pork chops, plus a mouth-watering dessert. $20 per person per day.


  1. A Take-Away Boxed Breakfast To-Go

Packed with ready-to-hit-the road items like yogurt, granola, cheese, juice, fruit, baked goods, and eggs.
We deliver your To-Go Breakfast to your fridge the night before so you’re all set to get up and go in the morning. $15 per person per day.


  1. No Breakfast

If you’re “keeping it simple” you can opt for no breakfast at all. We’re happy to provide information on exceptional local options or you can bring food and use the in-room fridge and microwave for a quick morning start. Guests are always welcome to enjoy our beverage bar with local roast coffee, high quality organic teas and scratch-made cookies. No additional charge.

You pick the option that works best for you when you reserve your room. You can even have a different option each day, just let us know 24 hours in advance of any changes. We’re all about helping you create the perfect vacation experience that’s just right for you.

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