Plenty of sunshine coming our way.

What: Solar Power Sustainability

Where: Here!


Good news!

We have produced over 30,000 kilowatts of electrical power since we upgraded to a 7.8 kilowatt system in June 2011!


The array of 20 Silicon Energy panels on each pole can be rotated by hand to follow the course of the sun.  What started as an experiment to see if it made sense to install mechanical solar tracking (we found it doesn’t) has turned into something of a meditative practice on sunny days.

In April, we often have clear, bright, cool days and  from mid-June through September there’s hardly a cloud in the sky.  On those spectacular days, every two hours after breakfast is over, one of us will go out to shift the panels 30 degrees.  With the view of the mountains, and cooling sea breezes from the Strait, it sometimes feels like attending to a prayer wheel.

Come experience our lovely environment and enjoy the fruits of our sustainable practices!

photo 2

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