Imagine waking up in the Nation’s Capital, grabbing a copy of The Washington Post and seeing your name, plain as day. It’s exciting to be in the news. And it happened to us, just the other day.

Christopher Elliott, travel columnist and consumer advocate, mentioned our generous cancellation policy as an example of what businesses can do to be more customer-friendly. In short, if you have a reason for cancelling beyond your control (health-related or travel-related), then we’re happy to help as much as we can. We wish we never had to charge a cancellation fee, but the reality is that merchant processing (the companies that allow us to process charges and refunds to your credit card) costs us money. We are charged a fee when we take your deposit, and we are also charged a fee when we give you a refund. If you complete your stay with us, then we consider the fees a cost of doing business to provide the convenience of credit card payments for our guests. But if you cancel, then we are left paying fees with no income to cover the costs. It’s the only reason we charge a cancellation fee.**

If you’d like to read Mr. Elliott’s column, visit The Washington Post website.

**If you are as concerned as we are about all of the merchant processing fees that drive up the cost of small businesses, then let your Congressional representative, Senator, or The White House know that you think merchant processing should be better regulated and simplified so small business don’t get taken by the banks.

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