Night Sky

The beautiful, clear night sky we had last night reminded me of last May, when I went up to Hurricane Ridge near midnight to catch the meteor shower that was meant to light up the sky. We brought up blankets and snacks, and of course we were not the only ones to bring telescopes and cameras. The photographer that runs Subsonic Photography joined us on our trip, and was kind enough to send me the photos he took that night.


From the Ridge, we could see all the way across the Juan de Fuca to the lights of Victoria. Even with the Canadian city shining in the distance we could clearly see the stars, Mars, Jupiter and Saturn. It felt like we could see almost to the edge of the galaxy. As we lay on our blanket and sipped our hot cocoa, we could see hints of the Aurora Borealis.

Hurricane Ridge

Hurricane Ridge itself is an amazing place to go – in the day time, it is absolutely gorgeous, and when the peaks and valleys are visible it feels like you’re in the Swiss Alps. There are plenty of wonderful hikes – from the Ridge itself, you’re a hop and a skip away from the hike to Hurricane Hill, which gives you a clear 360 degree view of the surrounding area. And at night? A prime location for a clear view of the stars, away from light pollution and surrounded by nature.

Below, we managed to capture one of the meteorites on camera. It also caught a thin, nearly transparent cloud overhead that our naked eyes completely missed – photography is amazing!


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