Organic RISHI teas

We’re proud to introduce Rishi organic teas to our 24 hour gourmet beverage bar. Part of our ongoing efforts to become more sustainable without sacrificing luxury, we researched our tea program and found that we needed to make a change.

We went through months of testing and tasting the best teas available. We even had guests and folks from town do blind taste tests of the top choices! Ultimately taste and quality won out with the selection of Rishi.

There really is a difference and it is so much more than just taste (believe us, though, Rishi is simply the best tasting tea available!). Check out more about Rishi on their website at:

We’ll keep the water hot for you so you can enjoy a flavorfully sweet cup of Pu’erh Bordeaux (made with organic Bordeaux grape skins), an aromatic Turmeric Lemon, or a classic Earl Grey during your next stay.

What’s your favorite tea flavor?

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