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We’re constantly being asked about how to save money on your bed and breakfast, hotel, or other lodging stay. While these aren’t really secrets, they are super-handy ways to ensure you’re getting the best rate possible.

1. Book directly with the inn or hotel on the inn’s website: Third-party websites like,, and all take commissions. Really big commissions of up to 35% or more. So, for a small independent property like a bed and breakfast, paying high commissions means that all of the rates go up for everyone in order to pay for them. So, we don’t offer any discounts, coupons, specials, packages, or promotions through any third-party website. Instead, you’ll always find our highest rates published there. Here at Domaine Madeleine B&B, we run specials and promotions from October through May, so be sure to ask if any are applicable to your situation.

2. Book in advance, and stay longer at one place: The majority of our expenses coincide with check-in day. The more check-in days we have, the higher our expenses. This means we can offer lower rates to guests who stay longer, and you can avoid having to check in and check out of multiple places during your vacation. Last minute bookings also cost us more because our expenses are higher when we can’t plan as far in advance for your visit. Booking at least two weeks in advance ensures we can plan for you, and offer you the lowest rates possible.

3. Stay during the week or in the off season:  Our season runs from May 15th to Oct 15th, and during those dates we typically do not offer any specials, packages, or promotions. The rest of the year, we offer lower rates (the lowest rates are mid-week rates from Nov 1st through May 1st).  Additionally, from October through May, we can offer discounts for guests who opt-out of our multi-course breakfast–so if you’re up for the adventure of trying some fantastic local cafes and coffee shops for breakfast, let us know and, depending on the rate or promotion on your reservation, we can offer you a discount for the mornings where you adventure into the local culinary scene.

As you can see, with a little advanced planning, you can save a lot of money on your next stay… in some cases as much as 50% or more off of our summer rates.

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